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Key Benefits of Home Evaluation

A home evaluation is a process done by the seller’s real estate agent to understand the market value of a property being prepared for sale. It may not be necessary to have a home evaluation before a realtor lists your home on the market but there are a few circumstances that may call for it. Most homeowners prefer to have home evaluation done before their properties are listed on the market because they understand its various merits. Here are important reasons to get a home evaluation before selling your property.

Since home evaluation is done through comparison between your property and similar ones on the market, it allows you to put the appropriate price on your home so you can get the best price when selling. Everyone looking to sell a property has a rough figure of how much they would like to sell for and home evaluation can confirm if the market value meets your expectations. You can easily qualify for a home loan from a bank if you have a property valuation because it tells how much they can loan you.

Home valuation is extremely important if you are trying to sell a unique property that a listing agent is unable to conduct a comparative market analysis. Understanding your home’s insurance and the premium is another benefit of getting an evaluation; you will choose the right type of insurance and understand the right amount of premium to pay once you understand the value of your home. A home evaluation is important because it keeps you abreast of the market value of your home.

Everyone has a price for which they want to sell their homes but sometimes it is higher than the real value of the property but you can make up for the difference through improvements. You can have a professional evaluate your home if you are not satisfied with a realtor’s valuation that shows home appraisal that is too low of a price point.

Refinancing application time is reduced after home evaluation; by knowing the bank’s assessment of your property’s value, you will understand the loan products, rates, and policies that will apply to you, knowing if it will be beneficial or not. The annual property tax you pay is determined by the value of your property, so in case of depreciation, you will get a lower tax rate. You should have your home evaluated for the reasons discussed above.

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