Nadelwald co-sewing space
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38 EUR / Day
Workspace type

Friedelstraße 11

  • 24/7 Available: No
  • Air-Conditioning: No
  • Alarm: No
  • Parking: No
  • Kitchen: Yes
  • Scanner: No
  • Fax: No
  • Photocopier: No
  • Printer: No
  • Internet: Yes
  • Cleaning: No
  • Smokers: Yes
  • Free Tryout: No
  • Reception desk: Yes
  • Meeting room: Yes
  • Secretary: No
  • Private Security: No
  • Technical Support: No

»What you sew is what you get«

Nadelwald is a Berlin-based co-sewing/co-working space for fashion designers, tailors, hobbyists, and anyone else in need of sewing machines, needles, fabrics and nice people to get things done.

For those who have no sewing experience we offer a lot of funny, cool, and very special workshops. And — no fear of needles and machines. We'll start with very simple projects if needed, celebrate your special DIY Birthday and offer also crafty hen Parties. Just ask.

And if there's unfortunately no time to do it by yourself, you can also buy beautiful, handmade treasures in Nadelwald store.

Contact to Swantje

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